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  1. Compactor Roller
  2. Mini Dump Truck
  3. Bulldozer
  4. Concrete Mixer truck
  5. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer
  6. Tracked Excavator
  7. Mining crawler Excavator
  8. Wheeled Excavator
  9. Motor Grader
  10. Crawler Dumper
  11. Construction Parts & Accessories
  12. Concrete Pump
  13. All drilling rigs
  14. Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer
  15. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer
  16. Baler machine
  17. Air Compressors
  18. Concrete Batching Plant
  19. Aerial Work Platform
  20. Tamping Rammer
  21. Light Tower
  22. Wheel loaders
  23. Forklifts
  24. Backhoe loaders
  25. Skid Steer Loader
  26. Backhoe Attachment
  27. Wheel loaders
  28. Skid Steer Loader
  29. Teleporter Handler loaders
  30. Container reach stacker
  31. Crane Truck
  32. Concrete Mixer truck
  33. Cargo Truck
  34. Concrete Pump Truck
  35. Heavy duty Dump Trucks
  36. Road Maintenance truck
  37. Natural Gas Generators
  38. Biogas Generators
  39. Mobile cranes
  40. All Terrain Cranes
  41. Rough Terrain Cranes
  42. Spider Cranes
  43. Boom crane trucks
  44. Aerial Work Platform/ Scissor Lift
  45. Diesel Generators
  46. Engineering Drilling Rig
  47. Solar Pile driver Machine
  48. Guardrail Pile driver Machine
  49. Pneumatic Drill Rig
  50. DTH Drilling Rig
  51. Big Diameter Drill Rig
  52. Rock Drill & Splitter
  53. Hydraulic Core Drill Rig
  54. Geological Exploration Drill Rig
  55. Underground Mining Drilling Rig
  56. Air Compressors
  57. Water/mud pumps
  58. Accessories for Drill rig
  59. Spare Parts


  1. XCMG XE55U Mini Excavator

  2. XCMG XE27U Mini Excavator

  3. XCMG XS123 Vibratory road roller

  4. XCMG XS83 Vibratory road roller

  5. XCMG Three-drum static roller 3Y183J

  6. XCMG 3Y223J Three-drum static roller

  7. XCMG Schwing HB52K truck-mounted concreted pumps

  8. XCMG HB62K Mercedes truck-mounted concreted pumps 62m

  9. XCMG Rough Terrain Crane XCR120 120t

  10. XCMG Rough Terrain Crane XCR90 90t

  11. XCMG All terrain crane XCA60 E

  12. XCMG Skid-Steer Loader XC760K

  13. XCMG Skid-Steer Loader XC740K

  14. XCMG Skid-Steer Loader XC750K

  15. XCMG Mining Excavator XE950G

  16. XCMG Mining Excavator XE1200

  17. XCMG WZ30-25 Backhoe loader 4x4

  18. XCMG MR30-25 Backhoe loader 4x4

  19. XCMG XC870K Mini Backhoe loader 4x4

  20. XCMG WZ30-25 Articulated Backhoe loader 4x4

  21. XCMG XC870HK Mini Backhoe loader 4x4

  22. XCMG GR3505 Mining motor grader

  23. XCMG GR2605 II motor grader

  24. XCMG Mining Excavator XE750D

  25. XCMG Mining Excavator XE470D

  26. XCMG Mining Excavator XE700D

  27. XCMG XC6-3514K Telescopic Forklift Telehandler loader

  28. XCMG LW300FN Wheel front loader

  29. XCMG XC6-3507 telehandler loader

  30. XCMG LW700KN Rock wheel loader

  31. XCMG LW700KN Coal wheel loader

  32. XCMG LW1200KN heavy wheel Loader

  33. XCMG ZL50GN heavy wheel Loader

  34. XCMG LW500FV wheel Loader with wood grapple

  35. XCMG LW500FV wheel Loader

  36. XCMG LW900KN Heavy wheel loader

  37. XCMG LW1100KV Heavy wheel loader

  38. XCMG LW800KN Wheel Loader

  39. XCMG XGA5902D3T Off-highway mining dump truck 6x4 30t

  40. XCMG GR5505 Heavy Motor grader

  41. XCMG GR1003 Motor Grader

  42. Compact backhoe loader HW15-26

  43. XCMG XE7000 Mining front-shovel excavator 637t

  44. XCMG XE4000D Mining Excavator 384t

  45. XCMG Mining backhoe Excavator XE2000E 192t

  46. All-terrain forklift grab and forks 4WD HWC-60A

  47. All-terrain forklift 4WD HWCY-5.0

  48. Wheeled loader ZL938 with grapple forks

  49. Compact wheel loader ZL912 with grabber forks

  50. Wheeled Loader ZL912 open cab

  51. Compact crawler Excavator HW-18F

  52. Wheeled excavator with Wood grabber HWL80

  53. XCMG XT670-70 Telescopic Handler loader

  54. Shantui motor grader SG21A-3

  55. Chain Grate Biomass Boiler DZL

  56. Diesel/Heavy Oil Fired Boiler

  57. Diesel/Heavy Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler WNS

  58. Gas/Diesel Central Heating Boiler

  59. Natural Gas/LPG/Biogas Fired Boiler

  60. Natural Gas/LPG/biogas fired hot water Boiler

  61. Vertical Gas Oil Steam Boiler LSS

  62. Shantui HW32YR Refuse compactor

  63. Military Shantui Bulldozer with 3 teeth ripper

  64. Pavement Milling Machine XM35-200E

  65. Oil & Gas Fire Tube Boiler WNS1

  66. Pavement Cold Milling Machine XM100

  67. XCMG LW600K Heavy wheel Loader

  68. Shantui SR12-5 single drum road Roller

  69. Shantui HW26YT Pneumatic Road Roller

  70. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MP35 35m3/h

  71. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MP26 25m3/h

  72. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MP18 18m3/h

  73. Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP120

  74. Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP90

  75. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP60 60m3/h

  76. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP45 45m3/h

  77. Compact backhoe loader HW08-12

  78. Compact Crawler Excavator HW-35

  79. Shantui HW30YT Pneumatic Road Roller

  80. Electric 9m High LED Lighting Tower (I9L)

  81. Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series)

  82. Shantui SR23MR Refuse compactor

  83. Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor

  84. Lighting Tower (TN Series), 9m High

  85. Hydraulic LED/Metal Halide Lighting Tower 4HVL/P4000

  86. 9m High Metal Halide Lighting Tower I9T

  87. Aerial Scissor Work Platform HW0.3-10

  88. Aerial Scissor Work Platform HW0.3-14

  89. Aerial Scissor Work Platform HW0.3-12

  90. Trailer for compact excavator

  91. Wood grabbers for excavator or loader

  92. DTH Excavators Drill Attachment

  93. Hammers

  94. Ripper

  95. Augers

  96. Milling and digging machine

  97. All-terrain forklift with grabber HWC-40A 4WD

  98. Horizontal Waste Paper Baler machine

  99. Horizontal Scrap Metal Baler machine

  100. Baler machine 20t -150t

  101. 10t Baler machine

  102. Sino Concrete Mixer Truck 8M3 4X2

  103. FOTON Concrete Mixer Truck 3.5CBM

  104. Dongfeng Concrete Mixer Truck 4x2

  105. Dayun Concrete Mixer Truck 6M3

  106. T6 Wheels Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

  107. Tricycle-Mounted Concrete Mixer Truck

  108. Concrete Mixer Truck HWJB450

  109. Concrete Mixer Truck HWJB350

  110. HWJB240 Concrete Mixer Truck

  111. HWJB120 Concrete Mixer Truck

  112. HWJB200 Concrete Mixer Truck

  113. Crawler excavator HW-150

  114. HW-60 Crawler Excavator

  115. Compact crawler Excavator HW-30

  116. Crawler Excavator HW-25

  117. Crawler Excavator HW-20W

  118. Compact Crawler excavator HW-18W

  119. Mini crawler Excavator HW-17

  120. Mini crawler Excavator HW-16

  121. Mini crawler Excavator HW-15C

  122. Mini crawler Excavator HW-15B

  123. Mini Crawler excavator HW-15A

  124. Compact crawler excavator HW-10F

  125. Mini crawler Excavator HWQ-10 QQ

  126. Compact Crawler excavator HW-08

  127. Heavy Crawler Excavator HW-400

  128. HW-300 Crawler Excavator

  129. Heavy crawler Excavator HW-230

  130. Compact Electric forklift 3T

  131. All-terrain grab forklift 4WD HWC-50A

  132. All-terrain grab forklift HWC-40A 4WD

  133. Skid Steer Loader with Remote Control

  134. TS series Skid Steer Loader

  135. Skid Steer Loader Z series

  136. Skid Steer Loader V series

  137. Skid Steer Loader L series

  138. Skid Steer Loader C series

  139. Skid Steer Loader B series

  140. HW-JC75 Skid Steer Loader

  141. HW-JC65GH Skid Steer Loader

  142. HW-JC60G Skid Steer Loader

  143. HW-JC45 Skid Steer Loader

  144. ZL940 Wheeled Loader

  145. Wheeled Loader ZL938

  146. ZL936 Wheeled Loader

  147. ZL932 Wheeled Loader

  148. ZL930 Wheeled Loader

  149. ZL928 Wheeled Loader

  150. ZL926 Wheeled Loader

  151. ZL920 Wheeled Loader

  152. ZL918 Wheeled Loader

  153. Wheeled Loader open cab ZL916

  154. Backhoe wheel loader HW20-28

  155. Compact Backhoe loader HW10-20

  156. Backhoe loader HW25-30

  157. Wheeled excavator with Wood grabber HW90L

  158. Wheeled Excavator HWL85

  159. Wheeled excavator HWL40

  160. Mini wheeled Excavator HWL30

  161. Wheeled Excavator HWL110

  162. All-terrain diesel forklift 4WD HWC-30A

  163. Mini Diesel Forklift HW-D15 5T

  164. SS32 shifter tracked heavy Bulldozer

  165. SD42-3 heavy tracked Bulldozer

  166. SD32-C5 heavy tracked Bulldozer

  167. SD32 heavy tracked Bulldozer

  168. SD26 tracked Bulldozer

  169. All-terrain forklift 4WD HWC-35A

  170. HW10000L Crawler Dumper

  171. W8000L Crawler Dumper

  172. HW6000L Crawler Dumper

  173. HW4000L Crawler Dumper

  174. HW2000L Crawler Dumper

  175. HW1800L Crawler Dumper

  176. HW1500L Crawler Dumper

  177. HW1200L Crawler Dumper

  178. HW800L Crawler Dumper

  179. HW5000L Crawler Dumper

  180. HW3000L Crawler Dumper

  181. HW600L Crawler Dumper

  182. Shantui SD20-B5 tracked Bulldozer

  183. DH24-C2 tracked Bulldozer

  184. DH24-B2 tracked Bulldozer

  185. DH17-C2 tracked Bulldozer

  186. DH17-B2 tracked Bulldozer

  187. DH16-K2 tracked Bulldozer

  188. DH13-K2 tracked Bulldozer

  189. Shantui DH13-C2 crawler Bulldozer

  190. DH08-B2 crawler Bulldozer

  191. SD16T crawler Bulldozer

  192. Shantui motor grader SG24-3

  193. Shantui motor grader SG21-3

  194. Shantui motor grader SG18-3

  195. Shantui motor grader SG16-3

  196. Shantui motor Grader SG14

  197. Shantui HW12-5 Road Roller

  198. Shantui HW-10.0T single drum Road Roller

  199. Shantui HW-6.0T Double Drum Road Roller

  200. Shantui HW-4500 Single Drum Road Roller

  201. Shantui HW-3.5T Road Roller

  202. Shantui HW1.5T Ride On Road Roller

  203. Shantui HW1.2T Ride On Road Roller

  204. Shantui HW-700C Single Drum Road mini Roller

  205. Shantui HW1T Compact Ride On Road Roller

  206. Shantui HW-850 Ride On Road Roller

  207. Shantui HW2T Ride On Road Roller

  208. Shantui HW-S600 Double Drum Road Roller

  209. Shantui HW22MA Road Roller

  210. Wheel Excavator HWL80

  211. Mini crawler Excavator HW-18S

  212. Mini Crawler Excavator HW-10

  213. Solar Photovoltaic pile driver

  214. Lovol FL958h Wheel Loader 5.5ton

  215. Compact Forklift diesel loader CPCD30 3500kg

  216. Forklift Diesel loader CPC35 3500kg

  217. Compact Forklift Diesel loader CPC30 3000kg

  218. Forklift Diesel loader HANGCHA 2500kg

  219. Forklift Diesel loader Hangcha CPCD50 5000kg

  220. Forklift Diesel loader FOTMA CPCD20 2000kg

  221. Double Drum Roller Topall CR800

  222. Self Loading Concrete Mixing Truck TOPMAC SD1000m

  223. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP30 25m3/h

  224. Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP60

  225. Front Wheel Loader FOTMA ZL50E 4WD

  226. XCMG LW600KN front wheel loader

  227. XCMG LW400KN front wheel loader

  228. XCMG FMJH18 Mini Digger Crawler Excavator

  229. XCMG XE15 Mini Digger crawler excavator

  230. Shantui DH24m tracked bulldozer 23t

  231. Shantui SD42 Heavy tracked bulldozer 52t

  232. Shantui SD22 tracked Bulldozer

  233. Shantui SD16f tracked bulldozer

  234. Shantui SD16f Forest bulldozer with Winch

  235. 1 MW biomass power plant

  236. Biogas Desulphurized System on Skid

  237. Dry desulfurization system

  238. Biogas pretreatment system

  239. Light Tower

  240. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR80LC

  241. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR80R

  242. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR80H

  243. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR70C

  244. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR70LC

  245. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR70R1

  246. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC VR70H

  247. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC TR85D

  248. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC TR75R

  249. Tamping Rammer TOPMAC TR68H

  250. Diesel water pump for deep well

  251. Diesel irrigation water pump

  252. 8 inch diesel water pump

  253. 3 inch diesel water pump

  254. 6 inch diesel water pump

  255. 4 inch diesel water pump

  256. Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer TDCM720-11DH

  257. Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer TDCM500

  258. Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer TDCM600

  259. Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer TDCM510-11DL

  260. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-6E

  261. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-8EH

  262. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-11D

  263. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM350-11DHA

  264. Reversing Drum Concrete Mixer RDCM500-16DH

  265. 20ft Container Anaerobic Fermentation Equipment

  266. Shantui SRD017 light tendem drum Roller

  267. Shantui HW3T Ride On Road Roller

  268. Shantui HW18 single drum road Roller

  269. Shantui HW26M-3 ultra heavy-load Road Roller


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Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig HW-916 is a trusted machine for mining and construction companies and contractors engaged
in presplitting and conventional production blasthole drilling.
Drilling diameter (mm) φ90-127 , Maximum torque (Nm 1950


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